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In ground spa shapes

In ground spas come in a variety of shapes: round, square, hexagonal, octagonal, kidney-shaped, and so on. Many also have waterfalls and spillways for adjoining pools. These can sometimes pose design challenges for cover designers. At Modern Spa Covers, we have a number of shape elements that we can combine to create a custom cover for just about any spa.

Basic rectangular elements can be modified to have large or small cut corners. Semicircular sections can be combined with rectangular sections to form ovals and near-ellipses of varying aspect ratio. Basic hexagonal and octagonal shapes can be modified to create irregular polygons, and pentagons are also possible. Just about the only shape we can't make is a concave shape which would affect the strength of the cover.

We can also customize skirt lengths to cover areas with waterfalls and spillways, and we have a number of strap designs including concrete anchors and crossover hurricane straps to keep an in ground cover on the ground.

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