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DuraCore Spa Covers

Choose the model that's right for you

DuraCore LT

Our lightest cover.

Ideal for mild climates and sheltered spaces. 

duracore green.png

DuraCore Plus

The most popular option. 

Perfect for most climates. 


DuraCore Super

Designed for serious cold.

Crafted for the most demanding applications.

Award Winning DuraCore Spa Covers

Standard vinyl and foam spa covers waste energy and end up in landfills in just a few years.  DuraCore spa covers last far longer, are 90% recyclable, and save literally tons of carbon over their lifetime.


A cover that actually makes you money ... 

If you own a spa, you're paying extra for heating energy and replacement covers.  Switching to a DuraCore spa cover can save you enough money on those extra bills to pay for your cover itself.  With energy savings ranging from $1,000 to over $3,000, DuraCore spa covers are designed to benefit not only your household, but the planet, too!   

Completely different, inside and out

We've moved beyond foam and vinyl.  Our DuraCore spa covers have a completely different internal construction than ordinary covers.  A tough plastic structure that doesn't break, a lightweight, highly insulating core, and no polystyrene to absorb water. All inside a tough, beautiful fabric skin.  

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