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Spa Cover Products crafts energy efficient, long lasting spa and plunge pool covers

 in an affordable and environmentally conscious way.


Introducing DuraCore Spa Cover Technolgy!

Each component of a DuraCore cover is thoughtfully sourced and crafted for optimal performance and environmental responsibility. From MATERIAL to STRUCTURE to CORE, DuraCore’s 3 pillars of quality ensure superior product performance.


Spa Cover Products goes beyond traditional foam and vinyl by redefining these three critical areas of a spa cover. Crafted around a vapor resistant, polypropylene insulating CORE that doesn’t gain weight and grow mold like the typical polystyrene, STRUCTURED on lightweight aluminum channels with a polycarbonate base, and wrapped in a vapor wicking MATERIAL that will not crack or fade prematurely; DuraCore Spa Covers are completely different, inside and out. 

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