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Relax....These features come standard with every cover
Black locking safety strap 

Made from heavy-duty, black, nylon webbing, every cover comes standard with locking safety straps riveted to the upper fabric and liner material. Buckles are 6-9.5" (adjustable) made with high-strength black nylon complete with a locking feature to prevent unwanted entry. Meets ASTM safety designations.


Customize your cover:  Optional features you'll want to consider


Built-in solar heating

Built-in solar heating option brings the sun's heat from the top of the cover down into your spa, substantially reducing the electricity required for heating. Adds only three pounds of weight to the cover, and requires no special installation.   

Available in 2023

Cover lifters

A wide selection of quality cover lifts are available to match with your new spa cover. 


Security (hurricane) straps

Strong winds can be a hazard. Optional Security straps come with12 feet of two inch wide UV resistant strapping and stainless steel hardware for maximum strength. Strap can be mounted to the spa cabinet or platform decking using the ASTM anchors. Available in black. 

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