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Spa Cover Takes Bear in Stride!

This posting is from one of our customers, Ed Dowski, who lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. He has had multiple spa covers destroyed by bears over the years and gave one of our covers a try to see if a DuraCore cover could stand up to 300 pounds of ursine strength. The photos speak for themselves!

From Ed Dowski:

"We live in Northwest Colorado where it is not uncommon to have both a hot tub and wandering bears. The bears are typically curious and seem to quickly learn that old style vinyl hot tub covers feel nice to stand on and chew up a bit. Being very heavy compared to a person, the bears often also break the foam inside the old style hot tub covers when standing on them..

One of the many reasons that we recently got a new hot tub cover from Modern Spa Covers is that they are supposed to be bear proof. Our latest bear test with the new hot tub cover seems to prove that point. The bear wandered around a bit and eventually made his way to the hot tub and of course he was standing right on top and smelling all of it. He didn't seem to like the smell nearly as much as our old black cover and maybe the new one wasn't worth the effort to bite into. After about 30 seconds of wandering around on the cover he walked off and started exploring elsewhere. Later I inspected the cover and there was zero damage. Everything was good as new. Maybe for the next visit the bear will just avoid the hot tub and cover!

No one I know should buy a hot tub cover that doesn't come from your shop!"

Ed Dowski

July 21, 2021

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

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