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Save with SunCatcher


Discover how much money you can save with SunCatcher by using our savings estimator. 


Simply use the drop-down options to select your state, your model SunCatcher, how much sun your spa gets, and your spa's size. 

You'll see what your expected savings for one year and over the 10 year life of the cover.

The estimates shown here are based on a detailed hourly computer model of a typical 10 year old spa, heated year round and used three times per week. Electricity use is based on weather data for each state. Costs are based on published statewide average, or local Tier 2 utility rates where shown.

How Does SunCatcher Save Money


SunCatcher™ lets you take control of your hot tub heating costs by using a free and natural heat source....the sun.


SunCatcher is the only spa cover to seamlessly integrate solar technology.  A combination of durability, energy-efficiency, and cost savings delivered in an attractive and easy to self-install cover makes SunCatcher a natural choice for any spa owner. 

As the adjacent chart shows,  SunCatcher™ has the lowest cost, largest savings per dollar invested, and fastest payback, solar or upgrades made to AC, attic insulation, heat pump water heater, and windows. 


SunCatcher™ is the #1 energy efficiency upgrade you can make as a hot tub owner. 

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