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Hot Spring Compatibility

A long lasting spa deserves a long lasting cover.

We get many questions from Hot Spring spa owners on whether our covers are compatible with spas in the Hot Spring family including Caldera, Hot Spot, Tiger River, Endless Pools, Hot Spring, Highlife, and Limelight. The answer is yes--Modern Spa Covers are compatible with all these types. Just let us know in the ordering process that your spa is one of these types, and we will ensure the proper features are in place.

Our covers are a true drop-in replacement for Hot Spring models.

Not every cover manufacturer takes into account the small details of Hot Spring spas to ensure the cover matches and is easy to use.

We use the same oval, high-strength, center-release buckles that are easy to unlatch. Our covers have adjustable straps to secure your cover to your spa easily even with temperature changes.

Lifter plates are built in to the sides of the cover in the exact location to match with Hot Spring cover lifters including the CoverCradle, CoverCradle II, UpRite, and Lift 'n Glide

We have all Hot Spring model sizes on file so cover dimensions are easy to find. Just tell us the model of your spa and the year. We'll take it from there.

Hot Spring spas are one of the the longest-lasting spas on the market. We have made covers for Hot Spring spas that are over 20 years old. Given that our covers are designed to last for at least 10 years, that means that the owner is confident the spa will make it to 30 years! Furthermore, Hot Spring spas are made with with durability and energy savings in mind, making them a perfect match for a DuraCore cover.

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