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Innovation Unveiled - DuraCore; a better-built & longer lasting spa cover

We’re finished with foam!

We’re saying goodbye to using styrofoam in our spa covers. Traditional spa covers made of foam absorb water and can waste energy. You may have noticed that your spa cover gets heavier with age. This is because heated water expands the foam interior and creates trapped water vapor inside the core. The result is an ever-heavier cover that becomes warped and leaky around the edges and that loses its insulating R-value. Deterioration of your foam cover translates into higher energy bills and more frequent purchases of replacement covers.

Introducing DuraCore

We’ve replaced the problematic foam interior with a hard-plastic polycarbonate shell coupled with polyiso insulation. Our polycarbonate shell is impact resistant (this is the stuff that football helmets and headlights are made of). Our interior polyiso insulation has a superior R18 R-value (insulating thermal value) whereas new foam covers typically start with an R-Value of R14 which can drop to as low as R9 as the foam ages. Hands down, DuraCore is a more durable cover that also stays dry, light, and maintains its insulating integrity while reducing your spa heating costs.

DuraCore puts more life into your cover

If you’re tired of heavy, waterlogged, hail-dented spa covers that need to be replaced every 3-5 years, then look no further than DuraCore. Its superior construction is designed to last 7-10 years and stands-up to hail, sun, and snow. No more water-logging or warping. You’ll enjoy a spa cover that insulates better and lasts longer. This means less money wasted on spa heating and longer lifespan of your spa cover.

SunCatcher & DuraCore ~ a winning combo

Further amplify your savings with SunCatcher solar heaters. Imagine, a spa cover that pays for itself just by sitting in the sun! Available with either one or two solar heaters, SunCatcher covers combine the benefits of free solar heating with a longer lasting cover. SunCatcher Pro, with one solar heater, is recommended for southern climates where overheating may occur. SunCatcher Max, with two solar heaters, is recommended for cooler climates and/or to offset expensive utility rates. Both SunCatcher models reduce the total cost of spa ownership, are an eco-responsible cover, and have a sleek, stylish and smart design that is here to stay.

DuraCore/SunCatcher combo cover unveiled at San Diego Fall Home Show

DuraCore/SunCatcher combo cover unveiled at San Diego Fall Home Show

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