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Solar Hot Tub Heater; the easy way

There’s never been an easier way to heat your spa with solar energy.

SunCatcher solar heating spa cover

SunCatcher spa covers are pre-equipped with a fully integrated solar heating system. No wiring, instructions, nor any extra work is required. Simply install SunCatcher as you would any regular cover and watch how efficiently it operates with the sun.

Never compromise on your preferred temperature. SunCatcher’s smart controller allows you to set your desired temperature from 96 – 104 degrees Fahrenheit. During cloudy periods when solar energy is unavailable, your spa uses it’s normal electric heating source to maintain the desired temperature. You can offset as much as 80% of your spa’s electrical heating with SunCatcher’s easy to use solar cover.

Visit our online savings estimator at to see an estimated annual and 5 year savings with SunCatcher.

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