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SunCatcher makes a splash!

Solar heaters in your hot tub cover?

Pool & Spa News considers this invention a game-changer!

PSN touts SunCatcher as a “unique hot tub cover (that) saves homeowners heating costs.” Unsurpassed in ingenuity, SunCatcher won 1st place as Best Green Product at PSP Expo and continues its trajectory of revolutionizing spa heating.

What’s the SunCatcher secret sauce? Solar spa heaters called SunCatchers capture solar energy to provide heating to your spa. An average of 6 hours of sun daily can save between 50-75% on your spa's heating bill.

SunCatcher simultaneously solves 2 market demands, the ability to lower spa heating costs and to provide greater energy independence through a clean energy source.

Take control of your hot tub heating costs while enjoying all the same comforts from your spa.

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