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A Solar Pioneer in the Spa Industry

SunCatcher Inventor in the Spotlight at SOLAR2017 Conference

John Tandler, MIT Grad and Founder of Aztech Energy, presents his cutting-edge research that led

to the invention of SunCatcher Solar Heating Spa Covers. John presented his work at the American Solar Energy Society’s 46th annual National Solar Conference, SOLAR 2017 in Denver. He describes working on SunCatcher as his "Solar Hot Water Dream Project".

The Market Impact

SunCatcher addresses a big opportunity for solar to positively impact the Spa Industry. While each hot tub needs a spa-full of coal for heating each year, SunCatcher can replace 50-75% of coal heating with clean, solar heating. Spa owners save on their monthly heating expenses with an easy self install-able solar product. The market impact encompasses 5.5 Million hot tub owners in the U.S. who collectively spend $1.3 Billion in spa heating costs. SunCatcher's solar energy efficient design is poised to shine in the Spa industry.

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