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Cover Lifters

We want to make it easy for you to enjoy your new Modern spa cover. 

Any of these cover lifters can be added to your cover order. All cover lifters are 20% off when purchased with a cover.

When choosing a lifter, consider first where you want the cover to reside while you use your spa. The SpaEase 200 provides a privacy screen, while others lifters such as the Visionlift and Cover Caddy are designed to stow out of the way to give you a complete view. The Spa Ease 200 and the Visionllift provide the most mechanical assist to help you move the cover, while the Cover Captain is the easiest to install.  The Roller Shelf is the simplest and most reliable solution, while the Spa Ease 100 provides the best all-around compromise for cost, assist and installation.


SpaEase 200 

Mounts to edge of spa cabinet with a bar that spans the center hinge of the cover.  Dual gas springs assist in lifting and lowering the spa cover and holding cover open. When cover is open, it doubles as a privacy wall. When closed, provides gentle downward pressure to keep the cover sealed.    $299



Visionlift is the only lifter the places the cover completely behind the tub, providing you with a full full 360 degree view around the spa. Dual 110 lb gas spring shocks provide substantial assist making removal and replacement easy.   $360


Roller shelf

Two roller arms hold your spa cover horizontally while you enjoy your spa. Simply fold your cover in half and slide it onto the rollers.  No lifting of the cover is needed. Arms retract downward when not in use.   $129


Cover Captain

Simple installation with no screws or attachment to spa.  Under-spa plates are held in place by the weight of the spa.  Slide the cover into the caddy and a gas spring assists in lowering it out of view. Folds flat against spa when not in use. Five year warranty.  Good for swim spas (with adapter kit) if you want the cover out of the way.  $279 (Swim spa adapter kit $99)


Spa Ease 100

Simple design mounts to spa cabinet and features a bar that spans the center hinge of the cover.  Combination aluminum and stainless steel construction for longevity.   $149 

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