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Here's how to save money on hot tub heating

1) Install SunCatcher.

2) That's it.

SunCatcher is a durable, long-lasting spa cover that slashes your spa heating costs, yet is as easy to install as a regular cover. A SunCatcher saves enough money in energy savings to pay for itself many times over.

SunCatcher's award-winning design brings the sun's heat into your spa simply and elegantly. It's also one of the highest quality spa covers on the market, with double the R-value and double the expected lifetime of ordinary foam covers.

Free spa energy savings analysis, plus $50 off SunCatcher


Every hot tub is different, so to help you decide if SunCatcher is right for you, we are offering a FREE spa energy savings analysis.  Just follow the link below and share some details about your spa.  Our hot tub thermal experts will estimate your current usage and tell you how much you can save with SunCatcher.

SunCatcher Compared to Rooftop Solar


SunCatcher is an even better investment than rooftop PV.  SunCatcher will pay for itself in one to three years, compared to rooftop solar in 10 to 15 years.   In fact, you would need two rooftop solar panels, at a cost of $2000, to produce as much energy as a single SunCatcher Max solar spa cover. 

Solar panels close-up on roof.jpg

How to Get SunCatcher

Order SunCatcher directly from our website and we will make a custom cover to your exact specifications.  You choose the color, fabric and how many SunCatcher solar panels you want installed, and we will ship it directly to you free of charge.  

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