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Every Modern cover starts with DuraCore

The DuraCore difference:

Modern materials and cutting-edge design 


US Patent Pending


Metallized mylar insulation

Between the polyiso layers, we add thin, lightweight sheets of metallized mylar. This material is typically used as radiant insulation in attics, and it doubles the insulation value of the air cavities.   Finally, the whole core is wrapped in a hard shell of twinwall polycarbonate sheets (what modern greenhouses are made of) with more air cavities for added insulation.  It all adds up to a tough, resilient cover with nearly double the R-value of foam covers on the market.  

Keeping the Heat In

Instead of a single styrofoam insulation core, DuraCore Classic has a combination of durable, insulating materials you won't find in any other spa cover.  Closed-cell, construction-grade polyiso boards form the core insulation.  It has 50% more insulation value than styrofoam, and it's made mostly with recycled materials.  It's used as insulation in home construction, so it's built to last. 


DuraCore core modules


DuraCore has 300x stronger  vapor barrier

2 mil foil

Keeping the Moisture Out


Standard spa covers wrap the foam core with plastic polyethylene sheet.  In most cases, the heated water vapor from the spa soaks eventually soaks through the plastic and into the foam interior, waterlogging the core. The cover gets heavy and warped, losing its R-value, becoming leaky around the corners, eventually even developing mildew.

The solution to waterlogging is simple: Don't use materials that absorb water.  DuraCore Classic starts with a hard polycarbonate shell. Next comes a metallized polyester film, which forms a strong vapor barrier.  Finally each polyiso insulation board has a double-laminated foil facing that is impervious to water.  In fact, they're used as Class A vapor barriers in commercial buildings, even below grade. Finally, the fabric skin is fully breathable, so any water in the cover will simply evaporate through the top. With all that protection, the result is a spa cover that starts out light and well-insulating and stays that way throughout many years of use.

Strength to spare

Nearly every spa cover uses galvanized steel channels along the center hinge for strength and support.  So do we, but we use the thickest gauge available for maximum load bearing capability.

Standard foam covers use a polystyrene foam board for strength.  When new, it has a moderate amount of strength, but as it absorbs moisture, the strength degrades dramatically.  DuraCore covers use a polycarbonate plastic shell for strength.  This high-grade plastic does not absorb moisture like polystyrene and maintains its high strength over the life of the cover.  In fact, it can handle up to 500 lbs of weight.


Steel channel


Twinwall polycarbonate

Standing Up to the Elements

A spa cover this strong on the inside needs a top quality fabric covering to match.  That's why every DuraCore cover comes with an advanced polyester fabric skin that looks better, lasts longer, and weighs less than any other spa covering.

This tough fabric is made from solution-dyed polyester fibers giving it exceptional tear strength and a lifetime warranty against cracking.  The color and UV inhibitors are built in to the fibers and can’t be separated, so there’s no need for regular treatment to maintain UV protection of your cover.


  • Sophisticated weave with wide selection of colors including tweeds

  • Superior UV protection for long term strength and color retention

  • Fabric is sustainably manufactured and is 100% recyclable

  • Click HERE for details on color choices

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