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Tired of clearing snow off your cover?

Heavy snow can be tough on both you and your spa cover. A foot of snow can put as much as 500 pounds of weight on your cover. Clearing all that snow is a lot of work, and you can damage your cover in the process.


Which side of this cover has automatic snow melt turned on?

Let SunCatcher do it for you

Our exclusive automatic snowmelt feature uses your spa’s heat when needed to melt snow off your cover so you don’t have to. Automatically detects and melts snow preventing deep buildup.  Automatic snowmelt comes standard with any SunCatcher solar spa cover.
Requires our optional external power adapter.

US Patent Pending

How do you do it?


Sensors automatically detects snow, and when needed it circulates air inside the cover itself to bring some of the heat from the spa water to the top of the cover, where it melts the snow easily. 

Click on the time lapse video to see how it works in a deep snowfall with very cold temperatures.  The SunCatcher snowmelt melts the snow as it falls, preventing deep buildups.

Snowmelt comes standard with all DuraCore Solar model covers.

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