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Free spa energy analysis


Most people don't know how much energy their spa uses.  That's OK.  It's actually not an easy question.  At Aztech Energy, we've been studying hot tub heating for years, and we'd like to help you understand and control your spa energy use.  Request a free report and our spa heating experts will estimate your current spa heating energy usage, including month-by-month and annual usage based on your spa characteristics, the weather in your area and your utility rates. 

How much could you save with a solar cover?

A SunCatcher solar spa cover can slash your spa heating expense by up to 80%.  The FREE report will tell you how much you could save with the smartest spa cover on the market.

Spa Energy Leaks


Your cover might be a major source of heat leaks out of your spa.  Things to look for:

  • Warping or curling up at the corners.  This causes air gaps which allow steam to escape, especially when the wind blows.

  • Cover gaining weight.  The added moisture reduces the insulation R-value.

  • Air gaps near hinge.  These allow hot air and steam to escape, costing you on your heating bills.

What you'll get

A month-by-month estimate of how much energy your spa is using and how much it is costing you, plus the savings and costs of a solar cover. 

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