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Replacement Cover


You may have received a postcard letting you know how to order a replacement cover from Meyco Pool Covers.  

Please follow the steps below to order your cover before time runs out.

Meyco Cover 
Meyco Pick-up/Drop-Off Scheduler
Step 1: Match the plan number from the postcard to your home zip code.

Step 2: Review and update the pool owner contact information.

Step 3: An authorized Meyco dealer in your area will contact you directly to talk about options for replacing your safety cover.

Why did I recieve this postcard? If you received a postcard from Meyco with this web address, it means our records indicate your cover is about 10 years old. While the cover may still be under partial warranty, wear and tear will vary depending on many factors including usage, maintenance and climate. As stated in your Meyco installation and care manual, it is IMPERATIVE that you carefully inspect your cover regularly, especially if you are using it as a safety cover. If your cover appears torn or damaged, STOP using it as a safety cover.

My plan number and zip code don't match We use the zip code on record to ensure we have the correct pool owner information for your plan. If your plan number does not match the information in our records, please contact us here and reference the plan number from your postcard.

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