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A spa cover designed for the real world of your backyard.

It's tough out there for spa covers.  There are a lot of things that can damage a spa cover over time, or all at once.  Our unique design has addressed the problems that can cause spa covers to fail.  It's a cover that was designed for the real world of your backyard


✔︎  NO waterlogging

✔︎  Best UV resistance

✔︎  Heavy snow no problem

✔︎  Puncture resistant

✔︎  Holds up to 500 lbs

✔︎  Handles extreme cold

✔︎  Hail up to 1" no damage

✔︎  Dogs are welcome!

 blue sky.jpg

Handles UV radiation 

Those 300 days of sunshine at altitude mean only one thing for your spa cover:  a high total dose of damaging UV radiation.  Vinyl spa covers crack and fade after only a few years in the sun, even if you religiously apply UV protectants.  

Our advanced marine fabric is guaranteed to handle UV for 10 years with cracking and no regular maintenance required.

Takes care of snow buildup 

Heavy snow buildup can ruin a foam spa cover in one season.  DuraCore covers can handle up to 500 lbs of weight, or more than foot of snow with no warping or sagging.  And if you want, our exclusive SunCatcher snowmelt feature can melt it for you, automatically, to prevent buildups and damage caused from shoveling snow.

Hail background. Close-up of window-sill

Stands up to hail  

Even a moderate hailstorm with marble-sized hail can destroy a vinyl and foam spa cover in a matter of minutes.  All Aztech spa covers are tested to withstand hail up to one inch diameter, or quarter-sized hail.  

Insulates your spa from the cold 

The insulating value of standard foam spa covers can drop by as much as half after a few years, and you have the winter power bills to prove it.  DuraCore spa covers have a patent-pending high-tech insulating pack which doubles the insulating value of standard spa covers, keeping your spa water hot with less heater use.


Good for the environment  

Standard vinyl and foam spa covers waste energy, and end up in landfills in just a few years.  Aztech covers last far longer, are 90% recyclable, and save literally tons of carbon over their lifetime.  

Plus Aztech offers the only solar heating spa cover on the market, our SunCatcher spa cover, which offsets up to 80% of electric heating, saving up to 8 tons of greenhouse gas emissions over its life.

Imagine: Longer life, lighter weight, and better heat retention--delivered right to you


Our covers are custom made to your order by our expert production team near Denver, Colorado.  We double check your dimensions to ensure your customized cover fits just as you intended.

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